Friday, April 24, 2009

The Sign Says........

Here we are inside the terminal. It's pretty interesting when you consider that this is an INTERNATIONAL airport. What you are looking at is the main (only) building. There are no windows. (Meaning NO AIR CONDITIONING) , but surprisingly out of the sun means out of the heat, so it's not too bad in here. Hal had decided that the safest place for his passport was in his suitcase. These are the types of things you do when you don't carry a carry on or a purse. Upon hearing that you had to show your passport in order to pick up your suitcase, he began to worried a bit. But no worries, it seems that it is a common occurrence. And the passport folks took it all in stride. In fact, Hal wasn't even the only person on this flight that packed their passport.

Now that we have safely secured our place as last in line, that gives me time to wander all about this side of the passport stamping area and see all the sites this building has to offer.

Lizards... This place has LIZARDS.... hmmmmmmmmm

Most of the signs here have English translations on them. But not this one. I have no idea what it says. Perhaps Josh could translate.....

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