Monday, May 11, 2009

Now we have gotten our passports stamped with the Galapagos mark (WOW!! Two stamps) we gathered our suitcases and wandered out the back side of the building.

There were shops there and I immediately went to look for a hat. I realized that the sun at the equator was looking to bake my only slightly tanned Kansas City skin... Hal declined at this time as he felt his baseball cap would do him just fine.

As I have previously mentioned, we landed on the "gateway" island of Baltra. The posted sign explains how we now take a short bus ride from the airport to the boat dock. There we catch a ferry to the Island of Santa Cruz. Then back on a bus to travel from the dock on the North side of the island through Santa Rosa & Bellavista to Puerto Ayora on the South end of the island.

After safely waiting in last place in line to board the bus Hal barely made it on the bus and had to stand by the door.
I however, plowed on pretty near the beginning and had a seat, as you can see over my head (see my new hat) it was a full crowded bus ride to the dock.

Narrow curvy roads. There is a view of the island we are heading for. By the way, we are SUPPOSED to be on the right side of the road. But in all fairness... we only passed on other vehicle.

Made it! Now to wait for the Ferry Boat.

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